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Storefront Stories: Your Friend With a Truck

Storefront Stories: Your Friend With a Truck

Storefront Stories: Your Friend With a Truck

Storefront Stories: Your Friend with a Truck

Storefront Stories is presented by the Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce. In an effort to highlight the diversity in our community and promote equity and inclusion, we are spotlighting BIPOC businesses. Each story features a local entrepreneur and details their journey to success and advice for rising entrepreneurs. 

Founded in 2016 by Nantucket local Curren Huyser, Your Friend With A Truck’s mission is to provide moving services with the highest level of professionalism and customer service.

Moving on, to, or from an island can be difficult. Trust Your Friend With A Truck to understand the obstacles and manage them efficiently and respectfully.


We sat down with Curren for a chat. Here are his answers:

Q. How long have you been in business/in your industry?

A. 5 years


Q. How would you describe your business or services?

A. A Nantucket Moving Company specialized to meet the island's unique demands on and off the island. 


Q. As a black person entering the industry, how were you received in the industry as you were starting your business vs your treatment now?

A. The moving industry was very small yet diverse. I would say I was received with healthy skepticism. 


Q. To what do you attribute your success?

A. I think about this question a lot. Truthfully there’s a number of things but the three that stick out the most are hard work, effort, and curiosity. 


Q. Who is the most influential black person throughout history in your life and why?

A. Definitely my Mom. She taught me everything there is to be black. How to be proud. How to be strong. How to be equal. How to be smart. She didn’t always do it in so many words but really led by example. She was tested earlier in her life by engaging in a biracial relationship and having a biracial child. If it wasn’t for her strength and courage, I probably wouldn’t be here today. 


Q. Why do you think it's important to support black owned businesses?

A. In my opinion it is important to support any/all business you enjoy and respect. I believe the end goal for black business owners and people in general is to be held to the same standard as everyone else while having equal opportunity. 


Q. Any tips or advice for young black people interested in starting their own business?

A. Adopt the hardworking mentality but most importantly ask questions. Knowledge is true power. The only way to learn is to ask what you don’t know. The only way to ask is by being confident in yourself. The only way to build confidence is by learning. 


Q. What can we expect next from Your Friend With A Truck?

A. Your Friend With A Truck has seen a great amount of growth in its 5 years. We plan to continue that growth by diversifying services and exploring ways at making a job at YFWT desirable to young men and women. Our ability to meet demand and continue to grow directly correlates to our staff and their happiness. We want the community to know this and consider becoming part of the growth. 

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