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The LOOK Book, Inc.

The LOOK Book, Inc.

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About Us

The LOOK Book is a scavenger hunt book series with an AR app and plush mascot, Hunter the Owl, WHOOO loves adventure!
Our books are designed to be an open-ended activity to spark conversations with your children, family and friends. The book series is history based and a wonderful way to help children truly learn and appreciate history. The LOOK Book is a great tool that leads to conversation, engages the entire family, and gets everyone outside doing an activity together. The idea originated and began here on Nantucket!


The LOOK Book is a scavenger hunt book series. Fun for the entire family!
The LOOK Book, Nantucket
The LOOK Book, Nantucket (Club Car)
Hunter the Owl's favorite phrase is "FOUND IT"
History based scavenger hunt in a book.
The LOOK Book, Nature Walk
The LOOK Book, Philadelphia, PA
The LOOK Book, Hometown
The LOOK Book, Battle Road (Orchard House)
The LOOK Book, Nantucket (Bank for Land?)