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Book title: She Calls Herself Betsey Stockton: The Illustrated Odyssey of a Prin



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The narrative biography of the first woman of color, Betsey Stockton (1798-1865), who circumnavigated the globe by 1826, founded four schools in Maui, Grape Island Canada, Philadelphia and Princeton, New Jersey, her hometown, will provide armchair sailors with three journal of the 158 day voyage from New Haven to Honolulu, twice ''around the Horn!'' Nantucket Master Reuben Clasby at the helm of the Thames, and Essex survivor, now Thames Boatsteerer. Charles Ramsdell and his Christian conversion are included in the narrative. Serious scholarship is merged with period portraits, boat paintings, and crew lists to augment the reader's pleasure.
Constance K. Escher was a Research Associate at the Shelby Cullum Davis Center for Historical Studies at Princeton University, a public school teacher at Princeton for 26 years, and the recipient of the coveted Amistad Award for Excellence in teaching African American history from the New Jersey Historical Commission.